Low cost plus excellent serive equal to unparalled shopping experience!

Many people may be accustomed to shop online from some old sites or other platforms but Loloprice,as a emerging independent shopping website, have many competitive edges over them!

To begin with ,obviously ,is the price ,Loloprice could offer much more lower price than its competitors mainly because of following reasons.

  • For one thing ,it have streamlined company structure, without redundancy,its efficiency is significantly higher than other sites that is,Loloprice have less staff to pay and it is vital for company to pay less in payroll and invest more in improving its service!
  • For another we dont need to give extra money to online platform which means we can drop our price more than ten precents while still make same amount of profit and that amount of money is saved for our customers.
  • Also stock oversea strategy can minimize our transportation fees while improve customers shopping experience,we ship products in bulk to US UK Canada Germany and Australia. (click here to know more about our warehouse!)

When oders from those countries are made items would be sent directly from those local storehouse and the shipping time is around two to five working days.Delay may occur due to remoteness of some region, Get more detail or information click here FAQ & Support

Another advantage is our knowlege and competence .We are extremely familar with the need of online customers, logistics transportation as well as customs clearance based on a wealth of experience .

We hire the most professional and competent customer service in charge of live help and mails which is one of our principle : value quality over quantity and that is why our company is moderately succussful in online shopping and run its own independent websites(other than Loloprice) in the meantime possess many stores in EBAY many of them are top-ranked seller!

Out of question ,Loloprice have the capacity and ambition to fulfill its destiny :provdie gadgets and more to customers all over the world all at wholesale price . Also our professional customer service would convince you that our service not ended when the orders are shipped but when our customers are satisfied!Choose us and you would find life is much better and convenient!