What is reward points?

  • Reward points is special motivatiing mechanism in Loloprice which can be used when you pay your order!

How to get reward points?

Currently, there are three main ways to earn points:

  • First and foremost,every finished order can provide certain amount of points ,the number of points are related to the price of product,the more you pay, the more points you got! and registered user earn double points!!
  • Loloprice would send out some coupon and reward points to registered custormers in holidays so check your mail once in a while you may surprised.
  • Finally ,points can be obtained from other activities!

How to use them ?

  • Points can be used when cheackout, you can either use all of or part of them

Does points have limitation in use?

  • There are no limitation you can use them all up in one order or otherwise and it is possible that you dont have to pay a penny to purchase products simply use your points!

Does points have time restriction?

  • Points earned by finished order have no time limitation
  • Points obtained from holidays or activities only available in a month

Can i cash my points ?

  • Sorry , presently points can only be used when you checkout and there are no other way to use them

Can i share my points from different account of mine?

  • Points are account related and can not share from diferent account and every customer in Loloprice should possess no more than one account know more about Terms And Conditions